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Family veterinary clinic

About Us

CardioVet Veterinary Clinic is a modern, friendly, and compassionate veterinary clinic. A family business that cares not only for your pet, but also for you, because that’s how Pet Care should be.


Beside our specialization in Cardiac conditions (heart conditions) and abdominal ultrasound, we are offering comprehensive services for annual vaccines, health checkups, surgeries, ultrasounds, x-rays, laboratory diagnostics, dental care, hospitalization, dietary advice and much more...


So when your pet seems off or needs veterinary care, CardioVet team will provide your pet with all the care needed.

What Pet Owners Say

"Genuine Compassion"

"Most caring and professional"


“I highly recommend CardioVet Veterinary Clinic to any pet owner seeking top-notch veterinary care. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine compassion for animals set them apart.”

“Dr.Danilo and his team are the most carrying and professional crew to look after my pet, especially when she has special needs.”

“Dr Danilo is a wonderful pet cardiologist. Meticulous, dedicated, and caring, he goes above and beyond to accurately diagnose and provide robust medical attention to one’s ailing animal. Cannot recommend his practice enough.”

Hazem Abou El Ela

Mariela Kircheva

Stephanie Asia

From CardioVet Media

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